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Statement of Compliance
To minimize the environmental impact and take more responsibility on the environment, COTEK hereby confirms that the following product series manufactured by COTEK Electronic Ind.Co.,Ltd are in compliance with Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS Directives)
Content of Compliance
Lead-Pb <0.1%  (1000ppm)
Mercury-Hg <0.1%  (1000ppm)
Cadmium-Cd <0.01%  (100ppm)
Hexavalent Chrome-(Cr+6) <0.1%  (1000ppm)
Polybrominated Biphenyls-PBB  <0.1%  (1000ppm)
Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers-PBDE <0.1%  (1000ppm)

SVHC of ROHS 2.0 (We are investigation and assessment of the following priority evaluation substances reference the RoHS2.0 legislation revised.)

BBP(Butyl benzyl phthalate)                
DBP(Dibutyl phthalate)                    

Product Series

Full series of CCFL Inverters, S series, SK series ,ST series , SR series ,TSI series, PSI series,FI series ,SB series,SE series, of pure sine wave power inverters and MI series> ,PP series of modified sine wave inverters, N series, P series, U series, GE series,AK series, MP/ME series,UP series,DN series,DV series,QP series, AP series, of switching mode power supplies and BP series, CK series of multi-stage battery chargers. The new models which we exploiting or will exploited are in accordance with the declaration of ROHS conformity.

  • For other products not listed above, please contact our sales representatives for availability

The actual delivery date for RoHS compliance products will depend on our inventory status.
Please contact our sales representatives for details.
How to Recognize
The number will be changed as below for RoHS compliance products for the ease of identification:

  • 1 The serial number originally was xxUxxxxxxxx and right now will be changed to xx5xxxxxx (If the first word was A-M made in Taiwan).
  • 2 The serial number originally was xxNxxxxxxxx and right now will be changed to xx5xxxxxx (If the word was N-Z, then the product made in ShenZhen,China).
  • 3 It originally was xxKxxxxxxxx and right now will be changed to xxLxxxxxxxxx (made in KunShan.China).
  • 4 The size of SMPS, Power Inverter, CCFL Inverter was small difficulty to paste serials label we mark the Pb free logo component side of  PCB.

COTEK Electronic Ind.Co.,Ltd. bases its material content knowledge on information provided by third Parties and has taken and continues to take commercially reasonable steps to provide representative and accurate information but may not have conducted destructive testing or chemical analysis on incoming materials and chemicals.
This certification applies only to COTEK products manufactured after Jan. 1,2011 and is made based on COTEK’s understandings of European Union Directive 2002/95/EC and a diligent review of the known and recognized substances contained in each components used to manufacture RoHS compliant products.

General manager:  Terren Yang

COTEK Electronic Ind.Co.,Ltd.

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