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Cotek High DC output voltage (150VDC~400VDC) 3KW Programmable Power with built-in Oring Diode


According to customer’s project applications using AEK-3000-HV Series, Cotek continue to ameliorate the design for the high DC output voltage range of 3KW Programmable power supplies


The new AEK-3000-HV Oring Diode Series improved its design to better-fit customer’s tailored application requirement.  Some of the differences includes:

  • Built-in Oring Diode - To minimize signal interference & ensure communication quality
  • Built-in RS485 and I2C pins - Allow users to remote control multiple supplies from single location
  • Series connection to support output voltage up to 800VDC - High power density & cost-effective high output voltage solution


Same as previous version, AEK-3000-HV Oring Diode allows user to set DC output voltage and output current from 0~105% via analog or digital control interfaces.  Free of charge Graphical User Interface (GUI) is available at request to reduce Engineer’s design-in cost & time.


Moreover, AEK can be configured in series or in parallel with full current sharing providing a flexible, high-density and cost-effective building block for developing high power systems up to 24kW, and DC output voltages up to 800VDC.


With the stated flexible capabilities, this product helped our worldwide Distributors and System Integrator partners to grow their business with success by fulfilling project users across different types of industries & applications. Through product evolution, we hope to help our business partners to continue expand the product usage & design-ins in different segments.


Cotek AEK-3000-HV Oring Diode is now available to order.  For the product spec. and lead time, please contact our authorized Distributor or sales.