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COTEK AE/AEK Series (800W~3KW Programmable SMPS) Support 3 stage charging function for electrical charging markets



◎ Universal AC Input Voltage (90~264VAC) to fulfill our world-wide users

 PFC design with high power efficiency up to 93%

◎ Output voltage and current programmable from 0~105%

◎ Flexible charging current setting up to 250A (Max), Cotek AE-3000-12

◎ RS232/485, or I2C communication protocols available for system integration

◎ Parallel connection up to 8pcs 3KW PSU (24KW)

◎ Memorize Charging setting

◎ BMS integration possible to optimize battery charging setting


As chargeable device continues to grow in the industrial automation, Telecommunication, EV Charging stations and battery charging equipment markets, the requirement for a robust charging solution, or power source with high output become common and popular in some of the applications stated.  Cotek AE/AEK support parallel connection up to 8pcs, which will allow customer to provide total power rating up to 24KW.


Recognizing the need to allow our customers to charge more flexibly and efficiently, COTEK recently announced our Easy Charger Wizard (CT-211 optional kit) that will help to upgrade AE/AEK Series PSU to support 3 stage charging settings via PC/laptop. 


I2C, RS232/485 communication protocol can also be provided free of charge to do remote setting and Global control.


Thanks to the wide programmable output voltage and current of AE/AEK Series.  This function helped our Distributors & project users to select the suitable PSU easily for efficient stock management.  Taking Lithium battery as an example, AEK-3000-30 could be suitable to charge 12V and 24V Lithium battery charging.


In case of parallel connection, please find illustration diagram as below

As Cotek provides power solutions in variety range (800W to 3KW) and for 3KW, we have output voltage supporting from 12VDC up to max. of 400VDC.  In case if you have customer that requires consulting which is the suitable model, we (Cotek & our world-wide Distributors) are happy to assist.